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Marvin University is our free seminar series that addresses issues that many of our clients experience on a daily basis in their organizations. We generally hold these sessions at 12:00 pm on the third Wednesday of every month and they last approximately one hour. We broadcast the seminars live via webinar, and have the ability to take your questions as if you were sitting in the room with us.

See our upcoming events or download our past events below. To register, click the title of the webinar and follow the prompts.

Upcoming Events -- 2019 Schedule Just Announced!

2019 Schedule: 

Live Webinars:

          December 11: Christopher L. Cimijotti, CPA, Principal - Estate and Gift Tax Update (Note date change)

          December 18: James E. Amell, CPA, Director - Social Security/Retirement Planning Update


Stay Tuned for additional dates/topics

CPE Credit Reminder: Each individual must be registered separately in order to receive CPE credit. Many companies have several people sit together to participate in the webinars, however, each person must be registered under their own email address – 1 credit per email address! CPE forms should be emailed to Lois Sanderson ( as soon as possible following completion of webinar.


*Schedule subject to change

If you have an idea for a webinar topic, please send an email to Marketing Manager Kathy Kirvin at


Past Events

The Seminars are roughly 30-40MB. Depending on your connection, these can take a bit of time to download. The files are saved in .wmv format so use your media players to open them.


10-16-2019 Karl F. Newton, CPA, Director - Update on the Lease Accounting Standard 
9-18-2019 Thomas W. Hosey, CPA, Principal - Navigating Revenue Recognition for Nonprofits – What We Have Learned from Others
8-21-2019 Thomas W. Donovan, CPA, Director and Daniel J. Litz, CPA, Director - Business and Personal Income Tax Update
7-17-2019 Alan W. Clink, CPA, Director - Employee Benefit Plan Update
6-19-2019 Andrew A. Matthews, CPA, Principal - New Revenue Recognition Standard Updates
6-5-2019 Myra M. Thorne, MBA, PHR, HR Manager - What's New In Human Resources for 2019  *(not CPE eligible)
5-15-2019 Heather R. Lewis, CPA, Director and Christopher J. Healy, CPA, CGFM, Assurance Manager - Annual Government Accounting Update
4-17-2019 Rachel A. Reynolds, Assurance Manager - Consolidated Fiscal Report
3-20-2019 John J. Unser, CISO, IT Director and Vulnerability Assessor - Security Awareness *(not CPE eligible)
12-19-2018 Kevin P. O'Leary, CPA, Director - Year-End Tax Planning and Tax Reform Updates
11-14-2018 Christopher L. Cimijotti, CPA , Principal – Estate and Gift Tax Update
10-17-2018 Thomas W. Hosey, CPA, Principal - Revenue Recognition of Grants and Contracts by NFP Entities
09-26-2018 Alan W. Clink, CPA, Director; Karl F. Newton, CPA, Director; and Andrew A. Matthews, CPA, Assurance Manager -
New Revenue Recognition Standards Update
09-19-2018 Victoria A. Reilly, EA, Tax Manager - Tax Reform Update
08-15-2018 Thomas W. Donovan, CPA, Director and Daniel J. Litz, CPA, Director - Business and Personal Income Tax Update
07-18-2018 James E. Amell, CPA, Director – Planning for Retirement/Social Security Update
06-20-2018 Alan W. Clink, CPA, Director and Linda M. Conrad, CPA, Senior Employee Benefits Specialist – Employee Benefit Plan Update

Heather R. Lewis, CPA, Director and Christopher J. Healy, CPA, CGFM , Assurance Manager  –

Annual Government Accounting Update -- Recording issues, link unavailable.
If you're interested in the powerpoint, please email

04-18-2018 Rachel A. Reynolds, Assurance Manager - Consolidated Fiscal Report
01-24-2018 Implementation of the New Not-For-Profit Financial Reporting Requirements
11-15-2017 It's Not All About Taxes - 2017 Estate and Gift Update
10-18-2017 Cost Efficiencies in Preparing for Your Audit
09-13-2017 Fraud Concerns for Management and Auditors
08-16-2017 Business and Personal Income Tax Update
08-09-2017 New York State Paid Family Leave (PFL)
06-21-2017 Employee Benefit Plan Update
05-17-2017 Annual Government Accounting Update
01-18-2017 Social Security and Retirement Planning Update
11-16-2016 Preparing For the Worst - How To Put Together A Financial Roadmap for Your Survivors
09-21-2016 Overview of ASU 2016-14 Not-For-Profit Financial Statements
08-17-2016 Business and Personal Income Tax Update
07-27-2016 Understanding the New U.S. Department of Labor Overtime Rules
06-15-2016 Retirement Plan Dynamics & Industry Updates (Part II) 
Annual Government Accounting Update
General Tax and Social Security Planning
Fraud Concerns and Steps to Protect Against Fraud
2015 Estate Gift Tax Update
Business and Personal Income Tax Planning Webinar
07-15-2015 General Not-For-Profit Update
06-17-2015 Understanding Retirement Plan Dynamics
05-20-2015 Annual Government Accounting Update
03-18-2015 Personal and Business Tax Updates
02-20-2015 General Tax and Affordable Care Act Updates
01-21-2015 Effective Audit Committees for Nonprofit Organizations
11-25-2014 Estate Gift Tax Update
10-29-2014 FASB Accounting Update
10-22-2014 Not-For-Profit Seminar
09-17-2014 New York State Sales Tax Concepts and Recent Updates
08-20-2014 Business and Personal Income Tax Update
07-16-2014 Understanding Retirement Plan Dynamics
06-18-2014 Cost Allocation Development
05-21-2014 Annual Government Accounting Update
03-19-2014 Tax Exempt Form 990 Update and Other Hot Tax-Exempt Issues
02-19-2014 New Not-For-Profit Law and Other Not-For-Profit Updates
02-05-2014 Peer Review
11-20-2013 Estate Gift Tax Update
10-16-2013 Personal and Business Tax Update
09-18-2013 FASB Accounting Update
06-19-2013 Personal Tax Update
05-15-2013 Governmental Update
11-28-2012 A&A Update
10-24-2012 Personal - Corporate Tax Update
09-19-2012 Donor Imposed Restrictions
08-15-2012 Estate and Gift Tax Update (Download slides here)
07-18-2012 SEP/ROTH/IRA – Planning For the Future
06-20-2012 Planning for Your Social Security Benefits
05-16-2012 Lessons Learned from Comptroller Audits
03-21-2012 Internal Control
02-15-2012 Reading Financial Statements
01-25-2012 Ethics for Board Members (Download slides here)
12-21-2011 Accounting and Auditing Update
10-19-2011 What’s in your Estate Plan
08-17-2011 Tax Audit Update
07-27-2011 Business Tax Ideas
05-18-2011 School Districts/Governmental Accounting Standards Update
04-26-2011 Ethics Training for Board Members
03-16-2011 Endowments and NYPMIFA
02-16-2011 Sales Tax Update - Lessons from Recent Audits
01-26-2011 Personal and Corporate Tax Update

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