CFR Update - 2017 FMA Annual Conference

Posted on: 5/9/17 by Rachel Reynolds

Don't miss your opportunity to provide input

During the latest Financial Managers Association (FMA) annual conference at the Otesaga Resort Hotel, Joanne Howard presented on behalf of the Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).  Joanne disclosed that OPWDD currently has a request for proposal for Consolidated Fiscal Review (CFR) compliance audits.  They have chosen a firm to conduct the CFR Compliance audits and are awaiting on their acceptance, but the firm name has not yet been disclosed.  The firm is to have experience in auditing CFR’s, but currently does not audit any CFR’s and cannot audit any CFR’s for clients in the future.  These CFR compliance audits will be focusing on 2012-13 and 2013 reporting periods, these audits are expected to begin August 1, 2017.  The sample of CFR’s to be selected for audit will be determined by OPWDD.  The programs being audited for compliance with the CFR manual will include Home Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver programs and Care at Home programs.  Letters will be mailed to providers from OPWDD and the independent audit firm if your CFR has been selected for compliance testing.

During the conference questions were raised as to the end results of these CFR compliance audits. Joanne expressed that the results are anticipated to be used for training opportunities, specifically the creation of Web X trainings for providers as well as auditors.  She was reluctant to say if the CFR compliance audits would result in recoupments from providers.

Additionally, during the presentation she reiterated the penalties for untimely filings of the CFR reports. Upon clarification from a question raised by an attendee, Joanne stated that for the CFR to be considered filed on time the CFR must: (1) be uploaded electronically for submission on the New York State Office of Mental Health’s (OMH) website, (2) the Agency’s audited financial statements required to be submitted with the CFR must be uploaded electronically, (3) receipt of the signed signature page CFR-i by the agencies Executive Director and (4) receipt of the signed signature page CFR-ii by the independent auditor.  If the county signature pages were not received by the filing deadlines this would not deem the CFR late.

Joanne has requested input from filers concerning the CFR software to make it easier for filers.  They are looking into a web-based system.  She also made the suggestion of allowing electronic signatures on the required signature pages.  This is the time to make your request for CFR software changes.  A suggestion would be for the software to allow for multiple users at the same time, which would significantly improve the efficiency of the CFR process and save time in its preparation.  This is your opportunity to make requests for software changes to OPWDD, so don’t miss out.

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